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Puppy Rescue

One of our most challenging 'rescues' to date. Down a steep valley off Sham Wat Road, we knew there were puppies. Climbing down we heard muted yelping and discovered tiny white 'Artic' with a can wedged on his head! Further searching uncovered his brother 'Rolex' and after an intensive bout of "hide'n seek" ducking under branches and scrambling over rocks we cornered sibling no. 3 'Saffron' All safe now and adding to a tally of 11 puppies in the shelter all needing fosters or homes! Anyone please? Please contact us through Whatsapp ! 9197-4371

Bodhi Rescue

Bodhi was discovered on Tuesday, 26th December, mid afternoon cowering in the public toilets at the far end of Silvermine Bay Beach. Unfortunately when rescuers went there he had disappeared, we believe, into the hills. Luckily the next morning he was spotted on the beach and lured - with food and not too difficult as he was half starved - close to the hotel where i could get the car, and a big box, not too far away.
With sausages and ham supplied by the staff of the hotel we were able to secure him in the box and transport him to the SPCA - thank you so much to Esslin and Sara for their invaluable sense and support. His wounds were quite horrendous, putrefying and full of maggots and a long surgery was required to clean him up (no stitches as there was no skin to stitch to) and finally more than 100 maggots removed!
The cost for this was just under $3000 altogether. Since then i transferred him to the local shelter where i am extremely thankful and glad they are able to bathe his injuries three times a day as well as administer medication in the form of antibiotics and painkillers. It is an added burden to them as they have many many other dogs in their care already but they have stepped up to help Bodhi too!
He is proving approachable although he has no real reason to trust humans as we believe he was previously kept by a local man up in the hills above the beach with a very unsavoury reputation and obviously no compassion for his dogs at all!
It will take a month or more before Bodhi shows real signs of a good healthy recovery and by then we will be desperately hoping that a good forever home for him can be found. If you would like to donate any small amount towards Bodhi and his welfare please whatsapp Jacqui on 9197-4371. Thank you.

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