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Hi Fellow Animal Lovers...

... My name is Icy aka Garfield the Overlord and my sis and I are currently in foster in Mui Wo on Lantau after being dumped at the shelter by a breeder who measured our worth only by how many babies he would be able to take from us.

Naturally, with my cute face and charming personality, he obviously had no idea what a golden master-of-all-things I am.
Still, while I enjoy dominating the residential doggies and human in my foster place, I am eagerly taking applications for more permanent human servants in a forever home.

I primarily require eager and luxurious cuddle services, including head and chin scratches and belly rubs.
These can be given by adult, child or dog servants - I generously don't discriminate.
Aside from that, I enjoy Netflix & Chill, mandala meditations, playing with string and chasing my sister through rainbow-coloured tunnels.
I am very curious about exploring all the things I did not have before.

If you prove yourself a worthy servant, I will reward you with unconditional love and purrs.
If you suck, I will stand on your laptop keyboard until it beeps and you come running.
I have trained my foster human quite effectively that way.

Please come and visit me so I can assess your snuggle skills and maybe my camera shy cute sis and I can finally be part of a real family who loves and worships us for the love we have to give and not for the money we can make them.

Please contact Jacqui Green at
Protection of Animals South Lantau (PALS) on 9197 4371,,
or the foster,
Esslin Terrighena, on 9249 9760 for meet and greets.
#adoptdontshop #PALS

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