Protection of Animals Lantau South

We are a small but dedicated group committed to doing our very best to rescue and rehome unwanted and abandoned animals on Lantau Island.

In 1998 several like-minded volunteers, all passionately fond of animals, came together to consolidate the individual efforts they had been trying to make in South Lantau and Discovery Bay to help stray animals. The increasing number of abandoned dogs, dumped puppies, street cats and their litters of kittens was very distressing and we hoped that we could make a valuable contribution. The name PALS was suggested by a friend who thought the original acronym SLAP (for South Lantau Animal Protection) not entirely appropriate!

In 2000 we become involved in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Cat Colony Care Program (CCCP). This is run with the approval of the HKSAR Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department (AFCD) and is mainly concerned with a trap, neuter and release scheme. This has proven successful in the control of feral cat populations in the U.S. and Europe and is gradually spreading throughout Asia.

The de-sexing of the local street cats will gradually lead to diminished colonies and fewer pregnancies. Wherever possible we endeavor to re-home the kittens, which, when successful, is very rewarding. Since there is no such corresponding arrangement for stray dogs we encourage local dog owners to de-sex their pets and find new homes for unwanted or abandoned dogs & puppies as well.

Our aims are to do our best to rescue and re-home unwanted and abandoned animals on Lantau Island and to encourage local residents through information, suggestions and sometimes financial support to become more responsible owners and to understand better the long term benefits of de-sexing their pets. We are still very much on a learning curve about what we can realistically achieve and our resources are limited. We are always desperately in need of foster homes as once rescued many of our animals require medical attention and may have to remain with us for a while. We try to re-home all of them vet checked, vaccinated and, if old enough de-sexed, so expenses can be considerable!

We are more than happy to discuss potential adoptions at any time or give details of the cats, kittens, dogs and puppies in our care. All of them need safe and secure loving long – term homes.

All of them deserve a chance of life.

Help us to help them!

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